about me

My name is Kimya Mir Shekari.

I was born in Iran and lived there until the summer of 1994 when my parents and I moved to Germany. Soon after, Hamburg became my home of choice.

After school, going into fashion design, experiencing a vast variety of jobs (mostly in the creative field) that did not seem to fulfill me, I ended up in one of the biggest logistic firms in the world. I ended up spending 12 years there, I learned a lot and I felt like I found my purpose in the field of aviation security. I loved my job, however, I missed being in contact with people.

I decided to be bold and be independent. I did a holistic training for psychotherapy and today this is one of the fundamental building blocks, among others, of my job as a Life Coach. I also began working as a psychotherapeutic language and cultural interpreter at the Asklepios clinics and I am still currently active in this field alongside my practice.

2016 was the beginning of my pride and joy “Anaram Reiki”. I started working in my first small room. Initially, I was only active as a reiki master following the classical way of Mikao Usui. However, as time went on, I wished to grow as a reiki master and connect with like-minded people.

Following many courses and trainings about different healing concepts, I realized that more and more people are opening themselves to the spiritual world and to expanding their consciousness. Nowadays, the word mindfulness rarely needs to be explained.

“Anaram Reiki” turned into “Anaram Hamburg” and after two years filled with amazing turning points and new people, I, along with many colleagues and friends are steadily building a community that is focusing on the all around well-being of people (mind, body and soul) and living a mindful life. It will be a place where like-minded people come together and can support each other in developing a higher consciousness. Everyone in their own pace but together. That is what “Anaram mindful living” stands for.

How everything began…

In my mid-twenties I started sensing my spirituality, but it was only meditation or mindfulness exercises. At the end of 2012, my mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 54. Not only did it change her life and affect her tremendously, but it also changed mine in an instant. I began to change. In the beginning of 2013, I noticed that I needed help to be strong and to stay, to help everyone else around me also affected by the situation. I started focusing more of my energy on my own spirituality, since I was searching for just about anything to help calm and stabilize me. Buddhist and Hindu mantras along with guided chakra mediations became a daily routine for me. In that moment these were the things helping me, I was stable and strong for myself and for the people around me that were coping even worse with my mother’s sickness than I was, however, I felt like I was missing something.

After a couple of weeks, my mother was declared “healthy” and we celebrated her victory. She flew home and recovered for a couple weeks encircled by family. Upon her return, it was discovered that she was not healed. The two years that followed were filled with pain and often extensive visits and stays to the hospital. I stayed by her side; I was only functioning … somehow. I was losing more and more energy and hope. Finally help in form of a friend of my mother appeared: a reiki master, who treated her with reiki, alongside her regular chemotherapy, to minimize her pain and help her feel relaxed. She also treated me, and I noticed that it was helping but I did not understand it. With time my interest towards reiki grew. I decided to take part in reiki training and with every reiki level that I mastered, a lot began to change in my life, and I became aware of my higher consciousness.

My wishes lessened and began to change, and I started to get the feeling that I must or that I wanted to fulfill a higher life’s purpose. Thus, I found myself on my healing journey. Every day I learn something new and I am grateful for every lesson, that allows me to help people , even if it is only to a certain extent.

Unfortunately, I could not help my mother anymore, but I saw how much reiki helped her even in her worst moments, I am happy for anyone that finds their way to reiki and to me.

Currently, I am taking astrology and aromatherapy courses amongst other healing trainings in the field of Egyptian shamanism, reincarnation, quantum healing as well as a variety of different energy healing methods. Through this I hope to offer every person the specific healing method they need, that will help them.

As the Buddhists say: the journey does not just bring you to your destination, but it also represents the journey in itself! On my journey I have met many amazing and valuable people. Clients that became my friends, colleagues that became my partners and I am excited to meet many more people.